Little Price Check Up Question

OK so we all are in different areas and I realize that prices vary. I want to know what others would charge for this house final inspection.
Dorget the fact that I already did a pre drywall, then an insulation, for them. Just think of this as a regular Inspection.

OK No warranties needed, No Appliance recall checking (The builder actually does that) and Alarm was pre installed by ADT so none of that is Applicable to this inspection, also no Radon or WDI.

Just the inspection!!.

OH yeah, we are doing this this Sunday at 10:00 am if Sundays make a difference to you, then figure that is as well.:wink:



A.) I have no idea what you charge normally for a standard home inspection.
B.) I have no idea what you charged for your other services already completed.
C.) You are very correct in stating there are quite a few factors and differences based on location, etc.
However, given you were in my area, “and you were me” I would charge them $399 for the final inspection. We would have charged them a total of about $600-$700 the way you have done it. “OR” the client and I would have come up with a different schedule and pricing.

I am not sure if this helps in any way, or if this is the kind of answer you were looking for. But, if you want to go over it further you could compare your prices to mine. Our prices are listed on our website at: . Maybe you could compare yours to mine and come up with a more precise answer. Good luck either way, I hope it works out for you.

Really? 1,800 sq/ft for a three story 6 bedroom home? Tell me that’s a typo.

Also… need more info!

Basement? Finished? Included in the 1,800 or additional?

Slab? Crawl?

Yadda, yadda, yadda…

1,800 sq/ft And a three story, I think both are typos, unless they include the basement as a “story”.

So do you charge $399 for any size/age home?



OK guys sorry Redfin was Fuc.ked wrong. Check the lin k now correct info.


ZEKE, FYI I charge what we are worth, thus I am typically slightly higher than my competition. Not a killer, just a bit more as I believe we are worth a few extra bucks. Certain ally Never will I low ball any job.


My fee, would be around $700 give or take a few. 8 baths would be something to consider.

Ditto here, assuming a finished basement as one of the three floors, and only 2 of the 8 bathrooms are master (6 are standard).

If on a crawl… add another $100.

Even so… there are many in my area that would lowball this for $400!

Jeff and chris, you guys are right in line with me. FYI, no crawls around here except in older 1960’s or older and even then pretty rare.

This house does have 3 zones, but remember it’s Brand spanking new. My clients final builder walkthrough is Tuesday. So I inspect on Sun, they get report Monday morn, have a full day to look it over before their walk through.

OK here is what I have charged.

Pre Drywall…$500.00
This Final…$750.00

This is a very wealthy Local business owner/Lawyer of which who is one of the ones that supplies me with some of the “Gifts” I give to some clients.


You know the structure already , this is basically a mechanical, plumbing and cosmetic. So $199 seems fair to me.

JUST KIDDING!! Knowing the history of this home from the past inspections I would figure 3-4 hours so in my area it would be reasonable at $600 for the final

George, You got me for a minute with your 1st post. I almost rewad you the Low Baller Riot act…LOL

Yes you are correct, I have seen this home basically get built, from foundation to framing, to all trades, to insulation, and now the final. I told my client all that and he still wants me to go back over any exposed framing, insulation etc… The guy has been a friend for over 10 years. Does some of my legal work for free as well.

He is a pretty big time Attorney here but also owns several local businesses. A hair salon, 2 restaurants, a furniture outlet store, and some others. He says that my clients that I give out his Gift cards to have helped all his businesses, and he wants to help me. So no short cuts to save Money, wants it all done for my normal pricing.

Too bad all clients are not like this guy.

Anyway I just wanted to see how others would price a home like this. Kind of like a Price checkup for me. Making sure I am not getting too Harsh, or too soft in my old age…LOL


Very nice Jim.

$750, if its basement or slab, extra if a crawl space.

I am extra picky on new homes because they should be perfect, on brand new I call out cosmetic items because the home isn’t lived in. Not that it alters my fee, just saying.

Single family, single systems yes. I do not “add” for crawlspace like it seems most here do. And that’s fine. Remember, in Columbia, MO I am one of if not the highest in town at $399. Initially, at least. Once you figure in all the other’s add-ons its not far apart. My $399 does not include radon or wdo.

Thanks, I was just curious how you based your fee.

Sweet…Inspection just finished., Didn’t know it had 3 zones. Had it’s own in an In Law suite, I thought from the pics was some detached garage or work shop. No biggie, and brand new stuff.

Added a Radon test at the last minute just to be sure the Installed mitigation system if adequate and working oh and for a few extra bucks…:wink:

I wish all inspections could be on nice new clean properties.
Damn those old nasty crawls and pos properties…LOL I guess it takes them all.

It’s all good in the hood.