questionable main electric panel

I inspected a home today and was surprised to find the electric main 200amp panel was lacking a main breaker. I checked all round the basement and found none and so noted it on my report. I continued my inspection of the house and finished in the attached garage where just inside the garage door I discovered a large box with a 200 amp breaker . Is this legal in pa. ?

Is the one in the garage wired as the service disconnect and the one in the basement be wired as a remote distibution panel?

Was the meter base on the exterior as close as practible to the Service disconnect?

As fas as “legal”… that is another department…try your AHJ.

Some photo’s would help to determine if the installation is code compliant.

Might be ok but we need photos

If you see a disconnect in the garage, look to verify a main bonding jumper and meter located on the opposite side of the garage wall for starters. Beyond that we would need to know the setup from the service disconnect to the remote panelboard and enclosure. Did you verify a Grounding Electrode System and where was it terminated…hopefully in the service disconnect or meter location if poco permits.

Thats the best i can speculate with what you posted.