Panel Questions - main, mid, sub

The home inspected yesterday is in the county, not city. Built in 2005.

Pic 1 - The main power source starts at the meter / pole in the yard. 200 amp CH panel, 200 amp main disconnect

Pic 2 - The second panel is on exterior at the garage. 200 amp CH panel, no main disconnect. 4-wire feed, 10 double pole breakers, bonded, metal bar connects the 2 bus bars

Pic 3 & 4 - The third panel is in garage interior. 200 amp CH panel. 3-wire feed, many breakers, bonded, metal bar connects the 2 bus bars, doubled neutrals. Several things wrong in this panel.

My questions,
Second panel:

  • In this setup, should the second panel contain a main disconnect?
  • should it be bonded?
  • should the bar be removed between the neutral / ground bus bars?
  • does the maximum 6-disconnect rule apply?

Third panel: to work correctly,

  • change to 4-wire feed
  • remove bar between neutral and grounding bus bars
  • remove bonding
  • separate neutrals

Anyhow, all info appreciated.

As neat as that panel in the sheetrock looks it is a mess.
This panel must have four wires and the conductor that is being used is bare. This is not allowed anywhere past the main except for exceptions that this installation would not fit.

The panel mounted on the brick I think is being supplied from the pole and this panel would require a main by 225.31 and 225.36.

If this installation was done under the 2005 code cycle it is a prime example of an installation where neither the installer nor the inspector has a clue of what is compliant.

Mike’s got you covered, but Robert’s Rules of Order require a second. :wink:

Time to put it to a vote then:

all who think this is a bloody mess say aye!!



Doesnt look like anything is AFCI protected in either of those panels.


No afci’s
GFCI protected outlets only on one kitchen counter, not the second counter or the island, not exterior outlets

Lots of problems. Buyer is relocating from AZ and will probably be transferred again in a few years. With the new rules for TX in Feb 2009, there won’t be any grandfathering for previous elec issues.

I bet they bail.

With all of that looking like it’s in pipe, that really won’t be too hard to make right.