Questioning myself

Large home, pricy but questioning myself and don’t know why.
Outside service 200 A disconnect: ground, neutral bonding, panel bonding.
Inside RDP with 200A disconnect, but it must be a sub right?
Looks good, but grounds and neutrals intermixed AND a cross bar on the two busses.
I am sure it is wrong, but had to go out and remove the cover a second time on the outside panel to make sure.
Its late and I am second guessing myself.
Right? wrong?

Second part

I think your Right .

The point of connection of the equipment grounding conductors, the grounded/neutral conductors, and
the grounded/neutral conductor from the electrical service provider is typically located in the main
distribution panel enclosure unless the main electrical service disconnection device/means is located
upstream (on the line side) of and in a separate location from the main distribution panel enclosure.

The disconnect outside is the service where grounding and bonding take place. The interior is simply a panel with a redundant means of disconnect. The neutrals and grounds need to be separated at the inside panel.

Yes this would be considered a “subpanel” and the neutrals and EGC’s must be separate. Also the feeder to the sub needs 4 conductors.

Thank. Sometimes I look at things that an AHJ is supposed to catch and I just have to ask myself, “am I really seeing this?”

I agree with the above Greg.

And i agree with Greg.

Its a violation, even then I see grounds and neutrals under the same screw.

while not a violation, the fact you have an original panel full of tandems speaks of cheapskate electrician.

I also see MWBC and tandems, make sure all those shared neutrals have 240 volts between hots.