Sub Panel

House built in 1992. Main 200 amp disconnect outside. Sub panel inside utility room.

The grounds and neutrals should be separated, correct?

Yep, if you’re sure it’s a sub (distribution) panel. And the ground bus bonded to the cabinet.

Yes separate.

Yeah, with a 4-wire feeder too.

It’s the only panel.

Chris, your first picture shows what appears to be the service equipment which contains the service disconnect and your second picture would be a remote distribution, load side (commonly called-sub) panel.

Typically, the first point to disconnect the power from the utility is the only place where the neutrals are grounded.

Not only should the grounds and neutrals be separated, the grounds must bond to the panel and the neutrals must “float”–not bonded to anything in the sub-panel.

Neutrals may be bonded only once and that is in the panel with the disconnect.