Bad Stucco Job ???

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would get some opinions from you learned inspectors on how to call this out. Several places on this (stucco) house had the sheathing (OSB) exposed like in the picture. It just seems to obvious to me to call out exposed OSB. Am I missing something?

Along the bottom of the stucco in places there was exposed OSB too



Does nobody want to address this ???:shock: :shock:

Greg doyou have any pics from further away to see the rest of the elevation?

Looks like the framers/foundation guys were at fault not the stucco guys! The stucco guys did not put the OSB on if it was flush with the foundation the edges would be coverd up wouldn’t they?

Looks like they were useing weeping 66/caseing bead!

What ever he said sounds good to me.

Was there a weep screed installed under the stucco?
I couldn’t tell from the picture.

If you can see the OSB, where is the vapor barrier (i.e. Tyvek or at least felt)?

Regardless of who is at fault (framers, foundation guys , stucco guys etc) that sheathing should have been covered.

I would definitely call this out. once that OSB becomes saturated and starts to decay, I would bet that the stucco won’t last long after that.

Here is a “stucco” install guild I got from one of the guys here


As a contractor I would never use OSB.I don’t even like the product[OSB]. I would have used Styrofoam or cement board.

The GC should have noticed or been notified of this discrepancy long before the stucco application started or was completed. Now someone is going to have to figure out a watertight retro-fit. you have to register to access doc. Search Stucco and OSB for articles.

As Stanley so eloquently put it, “Well, Ollie, here’s ANOTHER fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”