Whats with this Stucco!?

First, you guys were great on my other roof,siding issue thread.
Client was very appreciative of your input.

Can we do this again?
This time it’s stucco.
Stucco is not used here much. EIFS failure has contractors heading the other direction.

This one is a mess.
Window flashing, trim overlaid on stucco, improper trim board corners, lintels, roof to stucco flashing (nails, caulking, flashing?, damage), roof kick out, drip edge, moisture barrier is TYVEC (in places none).

This is a high end house up on a mountain overlooking Nashville for all the world to see crap workmanship.

I’m not proficient with stucco, though I had done some as a kid in my families Const. Corp. Your thoughts?


So many problems so little time!

How old is the house?

IR inspection?

With the trim laid on top of the stucco the biggest problem is the trim rotting out from the back side. No real way to flash it when it is installed after the stucco is done.

Hopefully the moisture barriers are in good shape behind the stucco and other then the nail holes with the trim there is no problems.

The roof wall intersection could be a real problem area.

I would recommend a 3rd party moisture free warranty. Yes, I know it wont qaulifiy for one now but at least it would give your client some leverage by requiring it. The desired end result is repair.

So many problems so little time!
Yup, I’m out of time. They are all over me for the report (it’s gone). But I already have a re-inspect and a lot of followup I’m sure. So keep posting, Please!

How old is the house?

IR inspection?

Hopefully the moisture barriers are in good shape behind the stucco and other then the nail holes with the trim there is no problems.
Nope, you can see between the window and wood lintel that there is missing Tyvek. It this Tyvek even ok for masonry?

The roof wall intersection could be a real problem area.
Besides looking like crap, Yup!

It is my understanding Tyvek is not to come in contact with the stucco/masonry. Unless there is 2 layers of it.

Read the last paragraph!


faux materials installed with faux housewrap and faux flashing by faux installers, need i say more

give them an A for missing each and every one of the weather barrier details

You sure this wasn’t in Texas?

It very well could be in Kansas!

And or the rest of the country!:mrgreen:

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2008? There appears to be a previous flashing evident under the caulked on flashing. I assumed it was a superimposed reroof until I saw the construction date. What kind of masonry is that? It looks like there is no mortar used. What holds the stones in place? What waterproofs the wall?

Jim King

They flashed the wall/roof the same way they do brick veneer.
Step flashing under shingles, cut in and caulked counter flashing.

The listing says “all brick”, Agent told me “real stucco”.
There is a small amount of mortar between the rock but you can see the house wrap between the rock. There are metal ties exposed to hold the rock to the framing.

Wall waterproofing is Tyvek, but I can see OSB at joints and window penetrations.

The Stone is what they call around here Dry Set! The mortar is all at the back and none can be seen at the front.


If and when they own up to the front of the house needing to be torn off and redone!

Could you get some during pictures?

More good reading! Imo



Silicone is good sealant, but on a roof ?

Silicone might look good for a short time but with age it fails!