Questions Of The Week August 6, 2018

Roy you know damn well I’m not referring to you.
Besides - YOU are the sergeant at arms here!

Well, nobody’s perfect, except for the Incredible Hulk.

Speak for yourself…I am! :smiley:

I know!
Thank you Brother Marc !

Oh yeah I forgot, thanks for the reminder.:wink:

And guess who was the one to jump in first.

It doesn’t seem to matter if there is a forewarning of change or not.

When one acts like a Blue Jay in a feeder, others less experienced Inspectors don’t have a chance.

When there is a recall on your car, I hope you read it.

If I’m not mistaken …You told us last week to keep it on the subject at hand…Correct?
Let’s look forward to next week QOTW.
I think it is fun …
And I truly appreciate all those that pull it off…


I think the failure to follow simple, clearly articulated instructions/limitations disqualifies the entry.

QOW is supposed to be challenging. Consider reading and following the instructions associated with the QOW post to be an integral part of the challenge. I may just bury something like “skip question #3” in the instructions the next time I post, just to keep it interesting…



Not picking on anyone and nothing personal (just business)… but dont’cha kinda wonder why the Awards Committee is/has been struggling to remain relevent for years?!?

'Nuff said!!

Not picking on anyone and nothing personal (just business)…we on the Awards Committee seem to have fun until the whiners show up and make less than constructive/relevent comments…just sayin’

Hope you’re good up north there, Jeff. :slight_smile:

Easy to criticize, on this I think your full of it. It appears you are having more trouble being relevant than the award committee members. Just saying!

Please, please, please make me open it!!

You forget I’ve been there and done that. :twisted:

And I believe you were asked to leave before…


Jeff, I consider you my friend. We were on the Awards Committee together.

If you have something to say about that…SAY IT. Otherwise, please drop the innuendos.

We all have moved forward from the past with the intent of improving/making better our impact on InterNACHI’s general membership.

It would be a favor to me if you could help us better our impact on the general membership.

Thank you my friend. :smiley:

I got nothing to prove. Lets keep it fun.

OK Paul let’s have fun!
At this time, responses are now open to all inspectors that have not posted yet**

At this time, responses are now open to all inspectors that have not posted yet