Questions of the week for June 15th, 2021

Good job, Thomas!


Hump Day Bump Day…


Not yet!!!..

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There was a time when Committee members participated.

Is everyone on vacation? Only one Answer so far? Come on guys, send in your Quiz responses :slight_smile:


Thanks Bert!! Maybe a birthday gift for you?? :wink:

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Bert’s gift will be a sooper-dooper certification by the goofy-poofy higher than thou radon club institute of the WORLD :laughing:

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Sending 50 cents to you and Burp, need tissues too? I am into saving lives by doing my job the best way possible. If you cannot step up to that level of quality then inform your clients accurately. Have an amazing day Merc.

Screw off FAKER, in the holy cover of health.
Same as your FAKE institute for higher learning of drone safety… … …

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Damb you are emotional…pipe down Merc. You are well beyond 50 cents at the moment.
Do your research before you post: Here is my YouTube channel: Enjoy…it is free for you to get your drone certification.

Merc, how do you help your community? You know…besides attacking people online. So, who is the faker here?

Hit the soft spot. Two replies-huh… … …
My mission, sometimes, is to call out higher than thou fakers.
You have no clue what I do in the community & how I proceed to implement it.
Get lost or answer the questions here to demonstrate your fake brilliance.

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Funny, I can back up everything I say. I have a huge track record of helping out and giving the best possible service. You, Merc, you stand in my shadow…and the likelihood is you will always be who you are. Best of luck out the amazing Merc! My hope is you will remember who you are every time you place a radon device…just one device. Of course you will reply with something snarky but in the end Merc, you are still you…amazing Merc!
Just for fun Merc, here are over 1000 pictures of my dual radon testing.

That’s the third time you posted a link to all the fake tests you took for scare money from public.


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Dude, you need therapy…maybe meds. Just curious, Merc, how does someone fake over 1000 pictures of 2 radon devices?

Could you please keep your comments to another thread other than here.
Question of the Week thread is not for argument and Radon Discussion, if you want to argue, go back to your postings here and continue to make a fool of yourself. The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) Approves InterNACHI’s New Free, Online Course - General Inspection Topics / Legislation, Licensing, Ethics & Legal Issues - InterNACHI®️ Forum


Marcel, you got me! I am the real fool. The fool that does a better job at saving lives, the fool who can back up everything I say, the fool who DOES NOT attack other online unprovoked. You have just provoked me. Merc, you have been saved.

I am not provoking you, I am asking politely for you to continue your comments elsewhere, other than here.
Question of the Week is for members that want to participate and nothing else.


If you want to be polite then do so with out rude remarks. Right? But you are what you are right Marcel…you do see that you made a rude remark…you were not effective with your request.

Only rudeness here is the truth about your postings in a thread designed for entertainment of other members. So again, I am asking that you bring your comments elsewhere.


Still not effective…this is entertainment for me to defend myself. Try asking politely.