Questions of the week of April 23, 2017

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**1. If you want to check something for square, such as a mall or door frame for square you can use **

a. Equal laterals Trick
b. Corner squat trick
c. Pythagorean triples trick
d. All of the above**

  1. Mold growth is a concern primarily on**

a. Cellulose insulation
b. Fiberglass insulation
c. Open cell foam insulation
d. Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Foam Insulation
3. The absence of detection of flue gases or carbon monoxide using a quality gas detection device is a guarantee that the heat exchanger is not damaged and leaking. T/ F
4. When you observe a chimney with a split the best course of action is

a. Tear down and build a new chimney
b. Fill the split with new mortar
c. Install a liner and then mortar the chimney.
d. Mortar, liner and install stainless steel band clamps

B assuming that is the corner SQUARE trick measuring corner to corner in an X to get equal measurements.

Good questions Paul and thanks. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Paul! :lol:

Thanks gentlemen :slight_smile:

Hopefully you have regained your hearing. :mrgreen: :lol:

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And got your $3500 check;)

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Congratulations William, you are correct.

On question one I made up a and b, C is correct.
B is close, but its not the “squat” method, its called the equal “diagonal” method.

There are 4 sure ways to square an opening or foundation and the 3-4-5 method is easiest.
On the chimney question? When a chimney is split its toast and rebuilding is the only safe thing to do.

Congratulations, William!

And, thanks Paul…

Congrats William!

Congratulations, William!

And Thanks Paul for this weeks questions. :slight_smile:

Great job again.