QuestionsOfWeek December 4 2018




  1. The figure below represents a _______ roof.

a) Butterfly
b) Bat
c) Prismatic
d) Conoid
a Butterfly
Explanation: It is type of shell roof. The two sides are shaped like wings of a butterfly, hence the name.
It is not commonly used because it does not provide drainage facility

2) Building finishes are not considered as components of a building.
a) True
b) False
b   False
Explanation: Building finishes are also part of the building. Finishing  works include plastering, whitewashing, painting, flooring, roofing and  so on. These all add to the completion of a building
  1. When something burns on the stove in the kitchen, the whole kitchen starts smelling smoky due to diffusion.
    a) True
    b) False
    a True
    Explanation: When something burns on the stove, the atoms of the burnt food starts spreading in the kitchen by random atomic motion by the process of diffusion. The burnt food atoms start moving from places where their concentration is high to regions of low concentration
4) The weakest force in nature is _______
a) Electric force
b) Gravitational force
c) **MARCEL force**
d) Magnetic force
b    Gravitational force
 Explanation: Gravitational force is the weakest force in nature 
as it does not bind anything strongly with its help 
  1. Pyramid is a type of _______ structure.
    a) Triangulated
    b) Massive
    c) Pneumatic
    d) Framed
    b massive
    Explanation: Massive or lintelled structure is built with a large amount of materials.
    It can take up compression efficiently and has very few spaces
    Structures Types - Basic Civil Engineering Questions and Answers - Sanfoundry

Well, we got the answers and no winner?

correct :frowning:

BTW, the 1st pyramid (step pyramid) was built by Imhotep in the saqqara complex. the complex was designed to hold massive amounts of grain.

not a lot of people know this, but imhotep rose up from the common people, he become 2nd under the pharaoh, he even interpreted pharaohs dream about 7 years of famine and 7 years of plentiful harvest.

you might recognize imhotep from his more accurate name and life description which is found in the bible:


First engineer in history known by name