Quick help

What could be the cause of open grounds on outlets and gfci not working on exterior,garage and masterbath. The gfci worked fine in hall bath. (The outlets showing open ground were on 1 side of hose only. I did tell client to have an electrican come out and ckeck it out. ( House is an frinds son)

Grounding conductors not present or not connected, and defective or mis-wired GFCI receptacles.

That’s the best answer you can hope for with the limited information you have provided.

Is there a chance that they are downstream of the hall bath GFI?

I had did this house 5 weeks ago and the loan officer called me about it 15 min ago. I checked the report and the main panel had breakers that were not rated for the panel and lose breakers as well. I talked to the client a couple min ago and he said that he was going to have an electrican come out when the house was his. I told him that the lender was not going to approve it because the appraser had the gfci not functional on his report; so he is going to have it fixed, Thanks for your help.