Open Ground

On my inspection today EVERY single outlet tested out with an “open ground”. Several boxes I was able to pull right out of the wall, loose wires on several or wired incorrectly. I was unable to get near the main panel due to a large pool of standing water from a broken main. House is a foreclosure, so just wondering how you would write it up. I normally find a few in every house, but I just could not believe that every one was like that. Thanks guys.

I think you know how to write this one up. One sentence will suffice. :wink:

Here’s an example:
“*The electric in this house is a ***ing mess, have it checked out by a qualified electrician”.

Just don’t call me. OK?

“All tested outlets have open grounds or wiring issues” None of the outlets should be used until the above issues are corrected. This is a safety issue"

“The main panel was not inspected. The standing water presented a safety issue. See attached picture.”


Throw on some rubber boots you wimp.

Would have needed waders it ws so deep. told him I would come back and check panel when plumber was done. Not a wimp, just wanna live.

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Thats a sure way to remove the competition!:shock: