Strange Electrical Issue

Inspected a house today built in 2003 has all of the exterior and one laundry room outlet wired to the ground fault outlet in the garage. Garage GFCI outlet works has a fridge and freezer plugged in. I tested all of the exterior outlets and laundry room outlet and they all tested fine. I needed to charge my phone before I left so I plugged it into an exterior outlet, outlet shows power but doesn’t work. Checked all of the exterior outlets and laundry room with a hair dryer and clock radio, nothing works but shows correct wiring with two testers. Mention to the homeowner he tells me he plugged in several strings of Xmas lights into the rear exterior outlet tripped the GFCI in the garage, reset it and since then exterior outlets and laundry room outlet don’t work. But they show proper wire configuration. I tripped the GFCI in the garage it worked and then the exterior outlets showed hot ground reverse then a few minutes later showed correct wiring but still no power.

I’d have to do a voltage test at the outlets.
Maybe it has juice enough for the tested , but not for any 120v items…Just a guess.

Classic sign of an open neutral.

yep. that’s why you once got reversed polarity. There is an open neutral somewhere in that circuit.

Call it out for a sparky

I agree.

I was an electrician for over 30 years prior to becoming a home inspector. When I come across this type of issue I don’t spend too much time trying to figure it out. I don’t try to trouble soot it. I inspect it, report it and move on. Let the buyer or seller higher a licensed electrician to trouble shoot and repair.