quick thought

Caught the last part of the democratic debate.
All of the candidates were speaking of finding ways to go green and find ways to give incentives on insulating homes.
Makes you think, how Home Inspectors might fit into these plans.

I caught that… inspectors, installers, retailers, …Even though it would be another year or two.

That’d be great if any of them practiced what they preached. “Green” is the thing this election period and all the politicians want is your vote. Things will change, but it will take more than a year or two…IMO.



Common sense says those with insulated home already are getting incentives. Guess rich democrats (look at Gore’s electric bill) don’t see any benefit of lower heating and electric casts. In NJ they offered incentives for those who went solar by raising the prices of all electricity by dollars, and given a few cents to the solar customers. Oh the politicians got to keep the difference.

“Robbing Peter to just Rob Paul,” Tom Dietrich (2007)