Radiant Barrier Fire Litigation


Insurance subrogation Pre-Trial Order** March 31, 2014

TechShield Radiant Barrier lawsuit

Subrogation Claim: The foil aided to a house fire via lightning strike. Builder and manufacturer fault.

“Foil creates an increased risk of fire hazard. Foil melts through resistive heating and/or ablates when energized by electricity.” ** *


Might suggest some type disclaimer in the (TREC) electrical section. Any BS shotgun subrogation costs dollars.

I’ve used lightning and surge protection paragraphs for 15+ years.

Do not contact me. Read the damn thing before you bark at the moon.

May incorporate into the (TPREIA/NACHI) Kilgore College Pre-Drywall Inspection class Sept. 12, 2015. Class PowerPoint being developed.

Also -


If NACHI doesn’t let insurance companies into this section then the other insurers won’t learn a new way of extortion.

Jim Hime
TREC #1646
TREC #23

Your seems to suggest you attached something or at least a link so that we could go and read something.

I don’t see any such attachment. ???

I used this radiant barrier in my own home. Now what, there’s some kind of fire hazard to it? More information would be appreciated.


Ooops…bad cut & paste. Here:

**Insurance subrogation Pre-Trial Order ** March 31, 2014


Radiant Barrier Fires


Great article! So what now, we not only have to disclaim CSST but now Radiant Barrier Roofs???

I just read the article. My house has the RBS. How legit is this group making the claims about the lightning danger? Now I need to disclose this if I ever sell my house?

No need to disclose. The house is now unsaleable.

Chit! I shouldn’t have read that.

Just kidding Frank, The CSST or appliance connector will probably ignite first.

Oh good. Now I feel better. :slight_smile: