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Inspected a 1970 built house yesterday. I noticed there were Cadet Thermostats in every room including the bathroom. The bathroom was the only room that had a heat source (Wall Heater) worked fine. The Water Heater was inaccessable. (Didn’t think I should rip the nailed shut plywood off with nails spaced every 6 inches or so. Talk about overkill) Could the other rooms have radiant heat? I went into one room and shot each wall, the ceiling and the floor with my infrared thermometer. The median temp was 75 degrees. I then cranked the thermostat up and closed the door and checked it again 45 minutes later. Temp median was then 79 degrees. 77 degrees in the other rooms. We are in the middle of a heat wave in Seattle so I don’t hold much faith in the readings. The buyer, seller and agent were not at the inspection so I couldn’t ask any questions. What does everyone think? I have very little experience with radiant heating systems. I wrote it up that the rooms need heat sources basically.

Kirk Smith

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