Radon certificate in PA

So, I’m wanting to add Radon testing,and started the course with InterNACHI. But doing additional research I know I need to pass other certification with NRPP. I’m just seeing if there are other inspectors who already want through this process and can help me out so I’m not wasting time on whether or not I’m taking the correct course! Thanks in advance,any information is appreciated!

InterNACHI’s radon course is approved in PA by NRPP and everyone else. You’re good.


My understanding is ONLY for CE’s!

Nope. Initial training as well.

In PA, students are required to take any initial training course approved by NRPP or NRSB:

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The InterNACHI radon course is also good in New Jersey. Like Jeffrey said ONLY for CEU’s.
You still need to pass the state exam.


You are both wrong. Our course is approved by New Jersey and NRPP for INITIAL training.

Go here: Initial Training Courses - NRPP

That is a list of approved INITIAL training courses.

Scroll down to Web Based Courses.

9th course down is INACH-3000, 16 CE hours, Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training Course.

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Also after taking this course which certificate should I apply for? Radon Measurement Technician or Radon measurement professional -s? I’m assuming it would be the professional one?