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I am out of the New Jersey Area and a CPI.
The question that i have is: I already took the New Jersey Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course thru here at InterNachi. I completed the course. I cannot use this Certification thru Internachi to be considered a Radon Measurement Provider? Or do I have to take another class to be certified?

Not sure if the NJDEP accepts the InterNACHI radon course. If not, you have to take an “in class” NJ approved 16 hour NRPP radon course.

Either way, you still need to go to the DEP in Trenton and take the proctored NRPP-New Jersey Certification Exam.

If you pass, you then need to get affiliated with a certified radon lab and obtain a letter of proof.

Then you submit all required documents with your NJ radon certification application.

Thank you for the update.

New Jersey recognizes the InterNACHI Advanced Radon course.

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Hi Peter thanks for responding.
So i could show the state that i am certified as a Radon measurement service provider?
And that i passed it thru Internachi? I need the license number.

Im not now…
Ok so i have to pass the State exam

You still need to take the NJ state test.
Like Stephen said.

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And i dont have to take another course because i took it thru Internachi?

Call the NJDEP Radon Protection Element to confirm either way.

I live in Pa. They accepted the internachi course for recertification. I had to go through a course accepted by NRPP. Then take a test to show the state I met their retirements. I would guess it is different in other states.

Does anybody know how many questions and how long you have to take the test? I have looked everywhere and could not find any information on it.