Radon Commercial Pricing Question

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to see what people’s opinion is about a commercial radon job quoted. In short, I charge $100.00 per radon test, and the quote was for 30 tests in a large commercial building. This added up to $3000.00, which I quoted the company. They said they’d would put that in their bid and they’ll let me know if they win, and didn’t seem to have a problem.
In your opinion, did I quote too high? I followed my pricing schedule, and I’m sticking with it, but frankly, I’m not a fan of overcharging my clients. In my area (West Virginia), there doesn’t seem to be too many commercial radon inspectors to compare pricing with, otherwise I’d just do that.

Thanks everyone, again, I am just looking for opinions on if my price seems fine or seems too high, as I usually do not do such large amounts of radon sampling in one inspection.

Might be fine for your area, but IMO it is too low.

How many CRM’s you using??

I use the charcoal LS tests, so I would be doing 30 of those, 3 duplicate tests and 2 blank tests. A total of 35 individual devices.
I do not yet have a CRM, and most clients in this area have actually preferred the charcoal methods.

If you are running charcoal and setting them all at the same time, I think you are a bit high on the pricing. You may want to check your state’s requirements for commercial testing as well.