Radon door hangers

I went back to pick up my monitor and all the door hangers were taken off by there kids. They had no idea were they where. The Dad asked the 2 year old sternly. The child responded “They are outside”.

I just went downstairs got my monitor, left and said politely have a nice day!!
Under my breathe I was saying ***holes.

The radon test by the way was over 7.0 (You took my hangers but now you have to mitigate)

My question is does INachi sell door hangers or do you make your own or do you purchase from Radalink or Sun Nuclear.

Looking for some new signs. I seem to be short a few.

I made my own. Took them to Office Depot and had them laminated, and then cut them out. I’ve got about 10 in each of my 2 radon boxes. I tend to leave them (forget about a door). And have to make more later.

This would appear a good opportunity that IAC2 could make some with their logo on them and sell them to members…


Great idea!!!

We make about two hundred door hangers a year, always seem to disappear here and there. Cheap to make and laminate.
Last couple of years we have been hanging one on the monitor too.
We make and laminate our business cards too, looks good and people keep them- they stand out.

another thing we have always done , use a tray table to place our monitors on, with a large laminated sign taped to it.

Home owners often don’t like someone placing their equipment on their furniture. We do a lot of multi million dollar homes, and a bunch of retired people here in Florida.

Why not make you own? Why even laminate? I get 2 per 8.5x11 sheet of paper like this. I scotch tape one on the door, one at the test location, and one at the thermostat. If I loose them, so what.

Radon_test_notice.pdf (31.6 KB)


and people wonder why we dominate our business.

Keep up the good work, we like it

It’s an informational notice! Not advertising. Most homes I test are unoccupied. Nobody even sees it.

Yeah…that website is topnotch! Homepage a mile long. Who did it? Your son?


It’s 8 years old and still shows on first page in searches in our areas. Most inspectors in SW Florida complain because our sites dominate the first page of local searches not because of the length of the pages.
Besides I like that old website, best $79 I ever spent, even after the 13,000th radon test.

Original point, you can’t be professional if you don’t pay attention to detail. Don’t get your panties in a bind, if you don’t think your signs, hangers are important, don’t worry about it.

We only “performed” 7 radon tests today, but we still only use the best equipment and have the best reports.
We pay attention to detail, even do a passive charcoal quality control test at the same time. Had all the other popular monitors malfunction in the past.

If what you are doing increases your business and makes you happy, have fun.

Hey guys how much do you pay , My wife does Laser engraving I can ask how much and see what she can do , Magnet signs out of reach of the kids . Plastic for durability . Let me know

Why don’t you make up some samples set a price and advertise them here? What most of us are doing now costs between .50 and 1.50. I’d pay more for something more substantial than a laminated piece of paper.



Mark tell me what you would like on it and what size. I give it to her and see what she comes up with

PM me your e-mail address and I’ll e-mail you the file that I use now.

And that’s my point too.

You implied professionalism on your part and my lack of it. Glad you’re getting lots of work, but your $79 website reeks of amateurishness and does nothing to bolster a professional image.

I’m done now. Let’s all be friends. :smiley:

Thanks for the link Kevin I just ordered 6

Sun Nuclear, sells them for $1.25 each.

IAC2 will have these for IAC2 members in a couple weeks.

Thanks Nick!