"Radon testing in progress" Stickers

My daughter lives in Illinois, and is in process of selling her house and buying a new house. While I went with her to check out the new house, which was undergoing radon testing, I noticed green post it notes on the doors and on some windows. They were preprinted with a warning that “Radon Testing In Progress, must maintain closed building conditions, keep all windows and doors closed, etc”. Very nice way of reminding the occupants of what they needed to do to maintain closed house conditions. My last 2 radon tests were both for naught because when I showed up to do the inspection 3 days after setting the radon units, most windows were open. Both were FSBOs and I made sure to tell sellers/occupants what they needed to do. They both admitted to not really listening or understanding what I said. I know some guys make them sign a form before setting the unit, but I’d rather not get that formal unless it really becomes a problem. I’m hoping the stickers would help avoid all that by clearly indicating their responsibilities. I could not find these stickers on line, or at least not of the kind that I wanted to use. I could only find door knob hangers. I really would rather do stickers. I’m sure someone out there uses said stickers, was wondering if you could tell me where you got them from so I could maybe order some also. Thanks.

I don’t know about the stickers you are referring, but a variety of easily removed stickers (non permanent) are available from office supply stores and a laser or inkjet printer could easily make a custom sticker and you could include your logo or phone number.

Opening windows during the test can actually increase the Radon results sometimes. A fact that tends to deter people from opening them.

The tags area required in Illinois, and forms that have to be signed by owner before the test, too.
I myself use tamper proof stickers for windows where I can.

Just bough these, will know tomorrow how they work.

I have been using these for years and they work great.


I make my own door hangers. I forget them or they are missing on return. Like being able to print them as I need and just use yellow paper. Figure out what works for you. Email me if you want a word file for the hangers although I haven’t added the spanish on the back yet.

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Thanks guys. Is there a special way for YOU to remove the tamper proof stickers when the test is over, without leaving residue, or do you leave it up to occupant to remove all that? And you guys don’t have a sticker explaining Closed House Conditions like the door knob hangers? Thanks, most helpful.

Thanks. I tried that but my printer does not like printing on card stock anymore, would not properly grab the paper so would only properly print on like 1 out 5 pages, and printer stores wanted like a $1 per page card stock colored. I can buy on line for like 50 cents each.

The adhesive/markings can easily be removed by rubbing the residue with your thumb.
I ordered couple of hundred door hangers from Vista Print and customized them with the needed information.
I also tape a notification of a radon test in progress on the radon device and kitchen counter, along with closed house conditions.

I use these stickers on basement windows:

They leave no residue behind.

As for post-it notes you could do something like this:

Thanks Michael. Those post its are over $300, about the same price as most other printing places. But I could get exactly what I wanted on them. I was just hoping to find some already made up, and to not have to pay so much and not have to buy a minimum quantity of 500 pads. But I guess if that’s what it cost.
Also, if I keep them generic I can sell excess pads at our training seminars…if we are ever allowed to get back together to have them! Thanks.

Good man. Office supply stores sell Avery door hangers that you can print and are pre punched and have removable card sections that can include a simple business card or a discount coupon for future work.