Does Nachi have / sell door hangers

Nick or Ben,
Does Nachi have available door hangers for radon test in progress?
I’m in Ohio and we need to put them on doors to the exterior and the other manufacturers are way over charging for them.
I was going to make some up on vista print but figured I would try here first.

If you have Microsoft Publisher, you can make your own out of card stock.

I need some new ones, (they are beat up) I could order more in bulk and be cheaper for you.

Pack of 25, I can send you 10 and no shipping fee. I could also order 50 and send you more if you like. There are many types available.

…Or you could print your own on regular stock and tape it to the door at eye level, where it is easily seen and isn’t hidden behind the lock box or removed by someone for it being in the way.

I tape this to all entrances (including attached garages as many people enter that way), and one on the kitchen counter. This eliminates any occupants from claiming “they didn’t know” about the restrictions.