Radon: Getting started?

I have had an unusual amount of requests for Radon lately. I am considering getting set up to do this as an additional service. I do not anticipate a ton of work in this area.
Any recommendations for an inexpensive reliable setup?


Shawn Price at Air Chek

after 13,000 radon tests, I think I know the best tests :slight_smile:

Went to MI last weekend, weather was great.

Air-Chek the most cost effective way to go. Use red kits. I use two at every test, not just one like most do. Over-night them for next day results. Check your local state laws; you may have to be licensed to test for radon.

Using one pack is not valid for a real estate transaction per EPA guidelines.

I hope no NACHI member is using one.

We use Rad-elec e-perms. We get anywhere from 3-9 radon tests from each electret ($14 each) Average $3 per test. Charge $125 per test. We do about 800 tests per year. Do the math. We can read the results on site. No Overnight mail charges. I cannot think of a better system.

EPA helps with marketing that service… EPA recommends that ALL homes be tested for radon, regardless of geographic location or zone designation.

What about using a CRM AND a Charcoal Test kit to do the test.


A single CRM or 2 test kits is sufficient for a real estate transaction according to EPA guidelines.

We have done over 13,000 tests with CRM AND charcoal test as quality control test for Real Estate.

We used Radalink back in 1999 and had a couple monitors give up unusually high reading, switched to femto tech and a passive quality control test from Air Chek.

We KNOW what our results are. Gotten a lot of work because of the quality control test.

Be the BEST, it pays

or you can run with the pack, most do

That was what I was asking… Yes a CRM can be used solo, but to have one of the Air Chek ( or the like) on a side by side is a minor cost to get a better idea of what is going on in for the Primary test…

Just a little CYA…

I am trying to see if Air Check will do the test on a single sample, and what the cost would be…Anyone know???
Just a little CYA…

Shawn Price at Air Chek


Shawn Emailed me back on this. He was very helpful. We are wanting the Charcoal kit to just be used as an Internal confirmation that the CRM is not out of range. He said he has CRM program to do this, or we could just just our CRM and a Charcoal kit on each Radon inspection to “proof” the machine, which is what I was wanting.

Thanks for your everyone’s help on this!!!


The 1st 3 years until established I used charcoal cannisters.

Once established I moved over to electronic CRM’s.

I’ve used Honeywells & Sun Nuclears for past 15 years. Happy with them.

I use Airchek. So easy a ten yr old could launch them. Great customer service from both Shawn and Melissa. I buy packs of 10 and use 2 on every home. Results are always on day 3 which come to my email box around 12-2 pm. My expenses are $10 a kit x 2 per house $30 to ship plus $5 to $8 for return gas. I charge $149. So I make around $90. Not really all that profitable but in my area if your not doing Radon you better close up shop.

Question for you CRM using guys. How many do you own? Aren’t they $700 or $800 each? The reason I ask is there are times where we have 20 radon tests out at one time. CRMs would be price prohibative. Maybe that is way beyond the number of tests most would have out at one time. I don’t know. That’s why I use e-perms.