radon testing


I just finished the Nachi radon course (hardest so far):ack:

Question - what test(s) (is)are most popular with you guys?
What do you charge?
What supplier(s)? Are they worth the trouble?

Just considering the practicalities.


If you are in a licensed state the I’d recommend you use a Radalink monitor. You rent the monitors from the company and they take care of all the necessary paperwork for the licensing requirements. There is a cost involved but the savings in required paperwork is well worth the expense.

If you are in an unlicensed state, then I would use a Sun nuclear monitor (I use 1027’s). They are relatively low cost to purchase and will pay for themselves very quickly.

Testing usually runs from around $85 to over $150. It depends on your area. I charge less if I am also doing an HI. Stand alone is more.

Airchek Inc.

I get $129 per test. I spend $46 for each test I do. I profit about $80 a test. Not a great money maker but hey it’s easy money. So is sending the bill to closing. I get $50 on top of my inspection fee just for doing that.

The biggest thing you want to do if you use Marks type of test is keep up on the required maintenance of these machines. As for the test itself Mark produces results same day once the test is over 48 hours later my results are next day using the kits.

I use the 1027 Sun Nuclear - $115 with inspection - $150 stand alone


Do you guys have to plus these machines in or do they run off a battery?

They require power. If there is no power on at the home you shouldn’t run the test anyway because HVAC needs to run under a normal load.

Mine has Power with Battery back up Billy

Power & Battery Backup. I think the new model 1029 runs on a battery.

I don’t rely on the battery backup because it’s only a 9 volt battery lasts approximately 20 hours, and doesn’t re-charge. It’s purpose is for short power outages.

I agree 100%…

Thanks, guys.


Thank you Tim this post I am sure helped many who wanted Info and thanks to all who looked and to those who gave great advice…