Radon kit

A local Lowes is selling radon test kits for $10, including lab fees. I pay twice that + shipping. Do these kits really work? Should I stock up on the lowes kits, I can save some money.

I know many that use them … I have little faith in retail products. I suppose if its a reputable lab… I wouldn’t want to have a deal fail from the result and have to tell the judge I bought it at Walmart.

ProLab… and should have the Nachi logo on them.

I would never consider them for use by my business. You get what you pay for.

I believe those are 4 day tests and inappropriate for real estate transactions.

sorry, I haven’t studied much on Radon. You have to get a separate license and certification in my state.

Don’t they all take two or 3 days to collect the samples? I’ve seen guys on these mb’s that have to travel back to a site to pick up radon kits.

Is there an instant analysis or a faster way to get results?

Check your local market and rules, but I believe the packaging specifically states for home owner use, not commercial use. I’d hate to be sued to save a couple bucks.

They are junk. Read the fine print. You pay for the kit, have to send in a lab fee, and pay for shipping. I have used them, and the cost is close to $50. Air-Chek is best, IMO

If you want faster results, you’ll have to go with a CRM (continuous radon monitor) from a company like Radalink or Sun Nuclear.

Testing period… 48 hours minimum… regardless of method used.


Pro lab kits are far more accurate than a machine that is uncalibrated. Pro Lab does offer 48 hour kits to Internachi inspectors.

Says that they get 48 hour results.

I have used Air-Chek for 10 years, with never a problem. Place the kits, 48 to 60 hours later I pick them up, send them overnight via FedEx, with next day results, usually by 1:00 P.M. that next day.

Almost any thing is more accurate if the machine is uncalibrated.

Op, Some thing to think about:
The kits sold in the big box stores may be cheap but you have no idea how or for how long they’ve been stored.
If your going to go with charcoal I like Prolab better than air check (personal preference here).
I also like Radalink better than any of them.

With the Radalink machine you have a very detailed four page report delivered to you and/or your client typically in less than an hour (after the test period). Their machines are virtually tamper proof too, any charcoal test can be moved or put in a bag while your gone unless you do some fairly elaborate tamper proofing of your own.

I think a CRM would give better results than a mail-in test.

Just my 2 cents on these Retail ProLab test kits.

I have used them for personal use. Radon and Water quality testing.

If you are like inspectors in my area then you are likely charging over $100 for a Radon test.
What could the repercussions be when clients identify that you are purchasing a $10 retail kit and then charging them $100.
Even though (Iowa) is a regulated state for Radon testers, anyone may purchase these kits and use them for their own personal use. therefore your clients can purchase these kits for $10 and do the test themselves, virtually receiving the same information as if they used you.

I try to make it a point to inform my clients that request a Radon test that our inspectors use continuous monitoring equipment that provides same day results.
For the clients that seem to have a problem paying for our Radon testing service. I use the $10 test kit as a sell point. I inform them that they can always go to Home Depot and purchase an off the shelf $10 kit and do their own test. However it is not as reliable as our monitors. They normally decide that they do not want to rely on the $10 test.

Please explain your rationale a both are considerd within the accuracy requirements set by the EPA.

Kits are just as good, if not better than electronic radon devices. Many RE’s here would rather get results from kits rather than monitors, due to easier reading results. EPA I believe requires two kits to test, or one monitor. Having two results is better than one, IMO.

As far as state laws about radon testing, don’t you just love the multi-firm mitigation companies touting radon laws, all to push out the little guy: us. Relo companies offer free radon testing after you move into a home. Any home owner can buy kits and do the testing themselves.

Heck, here in Kansas they give away free radon kits that you can get at any county extension office. But in home sale transactions, you need a “licensed radon measurement technician”.

Morons. Just more government, ruining the lives and freedoms of Kansans.

Same here, and I have always found it stupid.