Radon Measurement training course

Which courses for home study is recommended? I plan on taking the national cert. exam. I am not planning on getting into mitigation.


Does KS have a radon oversight department? If they do, they may limit what classes you may take. In Ohio, there were only 4 approved training classes as of last November. I was required to take one of these and then take the NEHA. I then have a couple of other requirements before I can begin testing.

What I am saying, and you may have already done this, is check for state requirements before you spend your money on a class.

What are the other requirements in Ohio besides the class, test, and paying for a license?
Thanks, Steve


To be a licensed radon testor in the state of Ohio.

Take the class. I did Radalinks.

Pass the test. Radalink helped me review and I have some study material that would help you pass. This test is fairly diffficult.

Re certify every 2 years. I used the CERTI home study which I found out thru the Nachi board.

I would be glad to help.You are so close to my home. Give me a email or call I can give you a lot of info pertaining to radon testing.


Don’t forget about sending in the required documentation for your standards of practice and worker’s safety to the state radon board for approval. I have not done this next step, but this is what we were told during the class. I took the MURC class. Nice class, knowledgeable instructor.


Thanks for the offer, I’m going to Pittsburgh Tuesday to do the Radalink course. Ive had the study materials for about a week, it makes for boring reading. I think I fear this test more than the NHIE.

I was hoping it was the class, pass the test, pay for the license. I really didn’t wanna have something else pop up.


If you go with Radalink, it is my understanding they take care of all that State paperwork and record keeping for you.

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