Radon mitigation system at neighbors house?

While inspecting a house in a neighborhood of slab homes I discovered what appeared to be a radon mitigation system on the neighbors house which is about 10’ from the one I inspected. I know that being in the neighbors house does not mean it’s in the house I inspected. I do not perform radon test. I have studied it and have put getting certified on the back burner. The Indiana State Licensing Board requires a statement on my report that the report does not address environmental issues such as radon. Now that I have seen this I feel the buyers should know and want to do the right thing. Besides what if after they move in and then ask the neighbors what the pipe with the fan is doing sticking out of their house? Any suggestions?


Simply recommend that they get a radon test. If it’s in your area, it’s prudent advice.



Provide the links and let the Client make their own decisions with regard to testing of the property.

I am certified by NEHA and can tell you after many, many tests that having a mitigation system next store was a real flag to me to encourage my client to test. A good analogy for my clients was to ask them if they commonly ask to be seated in the smoking section of a restaurant. Living in a home with higher levels of radon is like that except you can’t see it or smell it. Most people don’t like second hand smoke and now know it is linked to cancer. The only time I have seen a neighbors system have a positive effect on my clients is in a duplex.

I did a test several years ago that came out in the 20’s (epa limit is 4). The owner calls in a panic and tells me he has lived their for 14 years and what can he do. I explain that he needs to install a mitigation system and that he has already had his exposure and that the only thing he can do going forward to to monitor his future exposure and try to keep it to a minimum. After a second he asks me if I can test his knew house for him and I ended up doing a test for him,