Reporting radon systems in an inspection

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We recently had a complaint reported to the DPBR in Fl. regarding an inspection not reporting in a general home inspection, that there was a radon system present. The only inspection performed was a home inspection. Are home inspectors required to, or should they, report on radon mitigation systems being present? Is the complaint warranted? Would’nt that question be answered in their sellers disclosure?

I always note radon mitigation systems if present, it is an important system.

Is it required?
Check your SOP’s to answer that.

Doesn’t matter what the sellers disclosure says or does not say.

Here is a radon mitigation system inspection SOP and checklist:

I report and inspect it if a system is installed. I also recommend the buyers have a radon test done to insure the system is working properly.

I report the presence of one. In my area the installer is required to place a label on it indicating the vacuum level next to the liquid gage. I also document weather or not it reads what it was originally set to.

I also put that this dos not indicate what the radon levels are, simply that the system is operating.

You should report and inspect it and recommend a radon test as fans do fail or sometimes an under sized fan is installed and is not effective enough in lowering the levels. I have been in situation where both scenarios have happened. I have also done properties that were seasonal where the owners shut units down and when tested, find out that they don’t operate at all. Only to have the owner say that he turns it on on weekends and it works fine. Uh huh!!

I report its presence, make sure the circuit breaker is marked to leave on at all times, make sure the flow tube is indicating suction, make sure fire stops are used where needed and that the discharge point is above the roof line.

I take a pic of the flow indicator and put it in the report with an explanation.

It does not really take more than a short amount of extra time .

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A properly-installed, operating radon system doesn’t mean the radon is low. You still need to test for radon.

… and conversely…

A low radon test result doesn’t mean the radon system is installed properly or operating. You still need to inspect the mitigation system.

Had one a month ago client asked me to do a test 2 yrs after the system was in and it was working, just not good enough.

I report the condition of the mitigation systems. My software has a built in template that makes it very simple to do the reporting.

If you see a radon system AND you offer radon testing, I would do this:

I’d inspect the system using the checklist in

Then I’d ask them if they wanted to add on a radon test or

Here is a radon test agreement if you upsell a radon test onsite:

You need to be licensed in the State of OH. One for testing, one for reduction. If you are licensed to test and do not have a license for reduction you can not inspect reduction systems.
I am only licensed to test. I defer to reduction specialist as needed.

Where did you hear that from? That’s not correct.

I report on the presence of a system however keep in mind that just because a system is installed does not mean it’s functioning as intended.