Help with identifying

Drove past a house today and saw this…what is it?

Radon Mitigation


Looks like a power vent for a condensing gas appliance. I’ve never seen it setup like that before but that’s what it looks like.

I was thinking some sort of power venting system…but couldn’t for the life of me think of why it was set up that way and in this area.

Jeffrey is spot on.

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Suppose the home owner was duped on that purchase as it was the only house in the neighborhood with it.

Yep radon system.

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or maybe not…


Radon mitigation system. And what makes you think they were duped? On older homes they’re often not installed until someone tests for Radon and gets high levels. Usually they test during real estate transactions and once a seller finds out they have high levels they’ll almost always pay to put the system in.

Additionally, they’ll be multiple factors that can contribute to high levels, tightness of home, slab condition, etc. I’ve had numerous instances where homes right next door to each other tested significantly different.

For all intents and purposes, roughly 150,000 people die yearly from Lung cancer. This number varies yearly but from the data I’ve been able to get from the American Lung Association, I think its a good rough estimate.

According to, scientists estimate that roughly 15,000 to 22,000 lung cancer deaths yearly in the United States are related to Radon.

Of the 15,000 to 22,000 lung cancer deaths yearly associated with Radon, roughly 10% of these are among non-smokers. Meaning roughly 1,500 to 2,200 lung cancer deaths yearly among non-smokers in the United States are related to Radon Exposure. If we’re to take the high end of that, that means Radon Exposure alone, accounts for roughly 1.5 percent of lung cancer deaths a year.

My point here is to not say that Radon cannot in some circumstances pose a health risk, but rather the situation is much more complex than often presented and that each individual should take into account his or her own lifestyle choices to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Whether or not Radon is present in high levels, Radon Mitigation can often provide benefits outside of reducing radon levels, such as its ability to reduce moisture in your basement and humidity levels throughout your home.


Thanks for the clarification. Good research!

More likely, these home owner’s were the only ones smart enough to get a radon test and then mitigate the high radon levels.


Not really. Individuals in the other homes tails will fall off faster. Individuals with radon mitigation systems will learn and evolve slower. Lol…
Radon has no known biological role. It is, however, thought that it may have had a significant role in evolution . This is because it is responsible for much of the Earth’s background radiation that can lead to genetic modifications.

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You live in Kentucky, the state with the highest per-capita death rate from radon in the USA. How is it possible that you are a licensed Home Inspector and not know about radon? I suggest that you take the radon coursework and, when you are ready, start offering this valuable service to your clients in KY.
One of the reasons that Radon deaths are high in KY is that many home owners are not aware of it and never had it tested. You have a great opportunity to offer help to these people.


The inspector should hire an attorney and go after the duper, starting with the receptionist at the agents brokerage, who referred the inspector… and spare no expense until the duper is behind bars. JK. :sunglasses: :upside_down_face:


I’m very aware of radon and it’s effects here in KY. This wasn’t a house I was inspecting, just driving past. I do not offer Radon Testing as an ancillary service as it’s not of great need in my area. Of all the houses I’ve looked at, owned, had friends own, relatives own, etc…not one had a system like this. Hence the point of this forum. The only stupid question is the one not asked, but thanks for your support! Best wishes


Jeremy, I’m glad that you are aware of radon and it’s effects in KY. I hope you will continue your training and add radon testing to your menu of services once you are qualified. You can educate your clients and help keep them safe, and possibly add hundreds of dollars each week to your earnings as a bonus. Call me 865-466-0044 if you want to chat about Radon testing in TN. I did my radon training in Frankfort KY.


Nice pic Jeffrey, good one for example in reports. Thanks.

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My daughter bought a house in 2002 with a system like that, installed when the sellers bought the house in 1998. That was the way they installed them back then, and no one had it updated. More than likely the same deal with this system…installed about 15-20 years ago.

And are still installed that way today… (depending on conditions within the home itself), but most all systems installed AFTER the home is built are installed this way.


I have recently seen box fans vs those round ones. But, you still need a fan, a pipe and a path to above the roof line.