Radon Mitigation System Checklist

Does anyone have a checklist for inspecting a radon mitigation system?

This home had a system installed and I was hired to do a test. It came back over 8pCi/l.

The system in the garage was blocked by storage/clutter. Could not locate the switch as it was also buried in storage.

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I believe if a home has a mitigation system you can only test if it was on continuously, and for 24 hours are more before the start of the test.

Even if you do not live in a state that requires licensing for radon testing, follow the EPA protocol, to keep yourself out of trouble.


tom <not a lawyer, not the EPA, just an FNG>

There should be a fan outside or in the attic that is attached to the Radon system piping. It must be running. There also should be a homeowner visable gauge to show if a differential is being kept on the slab. The system should be working before starting your test. I think 12 hrs but 24 hrs would be safer.


Radon systems generally operate 24/7. I have never seen one with a switch so that the system could be turned off. The only thing that could really be inspected is the U-tube type manometer or other vacuum gauge to assure that the system is operation properly. Also, looking at the electrical connections whether the fan is in the attic or at the exterior of the building is a good idea. EPA protocol also requires a label at every floor that the piping goes through identifying it as a radon system.

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