Radon mitigation system with 5 penetrations in foundation

Hi there group! So I recently came across a radon mitigation system that had 5 entry points of PVC in the foundation leading to one to mitigate to the exterior.radon#2 Radon1 Radon4

I have attached some pics. So to the radon experts………Why a system with 5 entry points? This because the radon levels were very high? I don’t know what the levels are now and I am encouraging the peeps to retest the levels. Also, why do you think it is leaking? Condensation? I don’t love the caulking that they used to seal it. There is obviously efflorences present.
Any feedback would be a great help. Thanks!

Sub-slab conditions may not be appropriate to allow for easy airflow and for a single access point, thus the need for multiple points. Some homes require multiple systems to achieve maximum evacuation. This may be the ‘redneck’ method of that need.

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I agree with JJ… :smile:

Thanks Jeffrey and Larry, yeah I have seen 2 mitigation systems on either side of the basement to tackle difficult sub-slab conditions but nothing like this, that’s why I wanted to reach out.