Radon Mitigation System

I am buying a house. The seller agreed to have a mitigation system installed. They did. However the fan housing and PVC exit at one of the front corners of the house, and it is an eyesore. They did this most likely because the sump basin is at that corner.

It’s my understanding though that they could have routed the PVC within the basement to another corner (at the rear of the house, for example) and had the pipe exit there, to the fan and housing and run the pipe up beyond the roofline at that corner.

They claim EPA regulations will not allow this. Is this true? Thanks to anyone who can answer this.

I’m not a mitigator but these may help:




Everyone likes to blame the Code Man and the Gov. :slight_smile:

The fact is, they do not want to undo any work completed.
So long as you terminate the pipe at the correct location, it does not matter how you get there. There are eye pleasing jobs and functional jobs. That is a matter of what you contracted for.

The fan and all the testing would be out the window if you change the design of the system. It would all have to be done over.

You should have spelled out how you wanted the installation done in your contract or took the money and had it done yourself.

So long as they address the issue, high radon test results, they are in compliance.

I agree with David’s on this…the process states the requirements ( ie: 10’ from windows and so on ) but it says nothing about the workmanship to REACH that process…just that the Mitigation system must be labeled and so on…nothing about actual placement of the venting system itself.

David is right…they just do not wish to move it…:frowning:

Never let the owner do repairs or select the contractor, get a credit for the repairs you believe are a concern with and take care of the issue(s) yourself.

Just like the cheap inspectors Realtors want you to use… not in your best intrest.