Radon Mitigation

I recently inspected and tested a home for radon and wrote up the defects to the radon mitigation system. Realtor called and complained about the report being wrong. Plumber told her it was fine. Then she called the building inspector and he said it was fine. Client called me back and was wondering who is right.
My response was although there is no licience requirement in Minnesota, good installation practices suggest the following. For safety I recoomend the following.

1.The inspector noted the Radon pipe was installed at 8’-6" in height. The exhaust pipe(s) of soil suction systems must vent above the surface of the roof and 10 feet or more above the ground, and at least 10 feet away from windows, doors, or other openings that could allow the radon to reenter the house, if the exhaust pipe(s) do not vent at least 2 feet above these openings.
2. The exhaust fan must not be located in or below a livable area. For instance, it should be in an unoccupied attic of the house or outside — not in a basement!
3. The inspector noted a missing main label that contains the mitigator’s name and contact information, date of installation, and a recommendation to test the building for radon every two years.

These are the standards from the MDH (Minnesota Department of Health), InterNachi, EPA and every other place I referenced.

Not sure what is unclear?

When this occurs I have sent a copy of the installation protocols to my client.

The AHJ and the plumber are wrong and probably untrained or you have been lied to.

Just use this checklist and no one argues: http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm#18

Send a copy of the EPA guide to Radon mitigation. That also solves the argument.

All good suggestions. I sent Nachi’s and the EPA guide to client, plumber and building inspector. This should clear things up!

Tradespeople have large egos, along with most REA’s, and all get upset when we are right.

Then, our reputation gets soiled, because we kill a deal, or allow the REA and tradespersons to work a little harder. Then, they try to implement state licensing, so by law, we only have to do basic reports. To heck with the radon system.