Radon monitor calibration Sun Nuclear

I have been looking for a dependable means of calibrating my Sun Nuclear 1028
sending them directly to sun has proven tedious ,low customer service and over charges I.E 75 dollar 3.5volt battery doe any one have suggestions in regards to a better way to obtain calibration

Yes, you will find them discussed in the MB SEARCH feature.



Thank you very much what is you typical turnaround time

When I was testing back in the day, that’s where I took my CRMs 1028s to get calibrated and was very happy with their service. I also liked the fact that I could drop off and pick-up the machines since they are close by in Dayton.

I have the same Radon Calibration question. What is MB feature? Thanks

Just so others know, Bowser-Morner will not calibrate Sun 1028-XP monitors. I am not sure on other Sun models.
I contacted them in an attempt to get my monitors calibrated and no go.