Sun Nuclear CRM calibration

Does anyone know of a company who can calibrate a Sun Nuclear CRM besides Sun Nuclear. Their customer service and repair time is terrible.

I don’t think they do repairs though.

Never had a problem with SN?

They might only do performance checks, not calibrations. They don’t calibrate my rs 300’s radstar does that.

This is the co. I use. 120.00 bucks.

They do performance checks, as well as calibrations for Sun Nuclear Products.

This is who I have been working with since 2001
He is an an exceptional resource for Radon Information, Training and Calibration

Wayne Gemmill
Gemmill Laboratories
P.O. Box 413, Paupack, PA 18451
Phone: 800-846-9893
Fax: 570-689-3089

Oh, news to me, I don’t use sun nuclear. I guess that’s convenient. I end up sending stuff to 2 places, with radstar.