Radon Monitors Sun Nuclear A9000

Last year Mr. Bowers sold me 4 of his old monitors for I believe around $400 bucks. They are all in excellent condition in my opinion, except one of them supposedly has a flickering screen. I wouldn’t try and sell that one to anyone anyways.

I only need 2 of them but I went ahead and bought all 4 of them because he made me such a good deal and threw in 2 nice compact printers and some nice “radon testing in progress” signs. I’d be willing to sell 2 of the monitors for $100/each + shipping(aprox. $10). If anybody wanted both of them for $200+SH than they can have a printer as well.

They haven’t been recently calibrated but I can guarantee their dead on accurate. I put all 4 of them next to a calibrated Sun Nuclear 1027 and let them run for 7 days. Every single monitor was within .3 of eachother which is about as accurate as you could ask for. I don’t do a ton or radon testing so I always use 2 monitors in 2 different rooms when testing which has proved very helpful on a couple occasions.

If needed than you can still get them calibrated for $99 bucks. http://www.nachi.org/rca.htm

I did a bit of research on the monitors and the Sun Nuclear A9000 is basically the same accuracy and technology as the 1027. On the print out it gives you a reading for every hour which is essential in my opinion. During season changes, I’ve seen where some homes will have readings as high as 12 during the coolest night hours but then drop down to a .5 to 3 in the hottest day hours. Such a house would easily pass a Summer time test but then fail miserably in the Winter time.

The monitor will also list a “T” next to any hour or hours that tampering was possible such as movement or exterior door being left open. It also has the option for batteries so it will still keep running without a hick-up should you lose power or not have power.

The 1027 models include a key to where you can lock out the screen and buttons but the A9000 models like I have do not. I don’t really see where having a key to a tamper proof monitor is really all that essential but that and the weight/shape of the monitors is about all I’ve noticed to be different. The A9000 is about half the weight of the 1027.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Alright well if nobody wants these than I suppose I’ll list them on EBAY within the next few days

Did you sell these yet? Send me a PM if these are still available.

Those are the original Honeywell Monitors (later purchased by Sun Nuclear)
They are dead on accurate…
Same technology and design as the 1026, 1027 and 1028
$100 each is a good buy…