Radon runner

There are some times I wish I had someone to pick up my monitors.

My brother is out of work and was thinking about using him.

I may have him go through the Certification process so there are no issues with the Health Dept. and EPA.

What would you say is fair for a wage. $50?

I mean he just needs to check windows, stop the test and bring it to my house.

So what do you think??

Sounds fair but how far would he have to travel

Anywhere from 10 to 100 miles.

Hey if he’s out of work I’m sure he would appreciate it. (I’ve been there.)

If I paid someone $50 to pick up I would only be profiting $20. If I could get away with it I wouldn’t offer Radon as one of my services.

anything over a 30 miles i would ask for compensation for gas and travel if it where me . I like to treat people like i would like to be treated . But that is just me. Would not be much left out of 50 dollars for 100 miles travel .

I’m very happy that I have a Radon lab 10 minutes from my office.

I drop my test canisters at my clients prospective home and show them how to close them up (in 48-72 hours), fill in the stop time and date on paperwork provided, place in self-stamped box and bring it to their local post office.

The radon results will be on-line within 48 hours of mail-in date.

That makes it easy for you.

How do you verify protocol has been followed? If “they” are the sellers, “they” may not be as dilligent as protocol requires.

Just curious how that has worked out for you.

I place the 2 canisters myself. I show my Buyers how to properly close them up.

I then leave a flyer with the Seller stating “Radon Test In progress” and I explain the Radon testing protocol on this flyer.

I don’t babysit Radon test kits. I have a way of knowing whether or not these canisters have been tampered with. I’ve found several test kits tampered with. I simply tell my Buyers to place a contingency in their Purchase Contract stating “Pending Radon Results” and test when they move in.
If the radon is high, they negotiate the mitigation system installation.

Mind sharing?

Email me

I hear ya…

Check your mail. :slight_smile:

Gotta go…I’ll get back to you.

I’m curious too, David. Email sent.

Fortunately, I have a local lab that’s a 20 minute ride from anywhere in town.
Its the National Radon Lab, at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. UCCS
If I get the canisters over to their lab by 1:00PM, they usually fax the results back to me by 4 that afternoon…
Its a great, quick service.
They also supply the largest 4" canisters in the industry. Similar to these

I started taking a photo of the canisters, after placing them on the floor, which I then later take a quick look at,
when picking them up, on the way over to the lab.
Its easy to tell if they’ve been moved or not.
I know it helps my confidence when bringing them over to the lab.:smiley:
And I imagine that if the sellers are observing me doing this, that it subtlety prevents them from doing anything to them.
(although I don’t have any way of knowing if the house conditions were changed or not…:()

Mark and Larry,

I checked my email and I do not see your requests.

Which email address are you utilizing?

I have a full day of inspecting today. Email me at davevalley@comcast.net and I’ll get back to you this evening or tomorrow morning.

That is what I used but I resent it this morning.

Here is mine, if you don’t receive it again.



I clicked on your name in the thread and chose the e-mail option. This time I used the e-mail you provided.

Check you spam folder. I get sent there all the time.

It’s surprising how things are so different from one location to another. I would not be able to get a way many times with the buyers coming back to the sellers house to check to make sure EPA protocol has been met, then ask them to go to the post office to mail it. I also couldn’t rely on the sellers to remember to seal up the canisters and mail them off for me - especially since the sellers are not at the home inspection over 90% of the time. I would think that a % of clients would think I wasn’t doing my job and taking their time and money (gas and mileage).

In many cases, my clients don’t have a couple of days to get the results after the test is completed. Their contract given to them by the Realtors around here inform them they have an X amount of days to set up a test/inspection and respond to the sellers any testing/inspection results concerns. The method you use would take around 4 to 5 days before seeing the test results.

I would be concerned that you are not following EPA protocol. I wouldn’t think there would be a way you could sit in front of a lawyer and explain to a jury that you met EPA protocol. Not saying this will ever happen.

If this works for you, great. I just feel I couldn’t do it around here.