Radon Tests

An agent sent me an e-mail asking me—
please don’t ask buyers if they want a radon test. Please only say that you can do them if they bring it up themselves. Discussing this test with them after the fact can mess with the agreed upon purchase agreement and cause issues for us inside the deal.
How do you handle radon tests in a transaction?

Here in MN it is not a mandated test with a transaction.

It is not the business of the agent. It is the business between you and your buyer/client only. Our job is to inform. The buyer is the one who decides.

Here in Kansas, radon testing will soon be required with any RE transaction.

Sounds to me that this agent is not representing the best interest of the client.

Find better agents.

They are more concerned about their deal than their client.

Agreed, Mike!

I ask them and educate about any ancillary services (mold, radon, water sampling, pest inspection) or testing when I book the appointment.

Joe Listen to Gary, and Michael above. The agent has no place in telling you what to say to your client. What if your client has no idea what Radon is and you don’t inform them. then in a few years they get sick or worse from radon exposure.:shock: well you get the point now…


Yup, that is how I felt when I received the email.
Perhaps there is a better way they can write the PA?

Radon tests are specifically listed in the inspection contingency agreement that buyers sign. Many buyers didn’t read it and don’t know it’s their right to have one. I would have reported the realtor.

…but it is required that the Buyer have the Sellers permission to have the home tested for Radon (in MN). It is usually required to be written in the Purchase Agreement, or requested in writing after the Agreement is already drafted and accepted. My guess would be the agent screwed up, and is trying to cover her/his arse!

I agree with Jeffrey. The agent probably forgot to put it in the sales agreement.

OK, how do I communicate to the agent going forward?

I’d stay out of it.

If your clients want a radon test, they should make that clear with the their agent.

The seller can do what they want but that also includes walking away from the deal in place if they can’t agree.


They are their to represent their client to the seller. Period.

If you want to be a jerk… http://www.nachi.org/radonwaiver.htm LOL

why cant everyone just work together? It is in our purchase agreements in Indiana as well and it may screw up the deal but if the client wants it, they want it. I have actually had the opposite happen when the agent talked them into getting one on a crawlspace home and I told them I wouldnt get one if it were me and the agent called me up and ripped me a new one. I went back and did the test and it came back very low. oh well.

Because if the agent forgot to put it into the sales agreement and the inspector does the radon test and it comes back 100 pCi/L… the buyer can’t walk using radon as the reason.

Walking on a home that may need a 1K to 1.K Radon mitigation system would be silly. IMHO

I use that waiver for many years when a client turns down a radon test. It has actually worked to change their minds like a good marketing tool.:wink:


It is a cash cow for inspectors.

I always thought the use of decline waivers was a high pressure sales tactic. No thanks.

It rubs me the wrong way.

That is one way to look at it for sure, BUT if you are a good speaker with good people and marketing skills you simply Say can you just sign this , it just shows that I did in fact explain to you all about Radon and you decided not to have us perform the test. don’t say it like you are some vendor or a used house salesman selling something, but more like you are just doing a cya form that shows you explained radon to them. Either they will say hummm ok lets do the test, or they sign it and you say thanks and move on to the inspection.