Radon Test in Duplex

I have been requested to test for radon in a duplex property. The client is only purchasing one side of the property. I do not think this would be vailid test, if I do not test the other side. Any thoughts on this???


Why would it not be a valid test? A duplex is home that shares a common wall with another home. Do the test.


I just found my answer in the AARST protocol for radon measurement in multi-family buildings. It says test all units.


The only way I see it as not valid is if there is not an actual separation in the basement with a hard wall. I have seen some where the basement is just divided by a row of studs and chicken wire. So then I would say not valid. but if you have a permanent divider, why not?

In most cases you can’t test all units. Therefore you test what you can. Practically speaking, saying you can’t test one because you can’t test all, is like saying you can’t test in one part of the basement because you can’t test all.

Again I say, do the test. The EPA recommend that ALL homes be tested during a real estate transaction and every two years after. Not some, ALL.

You are testing one residence for one client, and they are living in one unit only. Do the test, and recommend future tests at regular intervals, or a long-term test.

Thanks!! for the input. I set the monitor on Monday.