Radon Test Kit - Affordable

Okay, so i’m getting a radon test kit, yet I don’t know where to start. I have enough money to get the e-perm test kit and was told it was a really reliable type. I could get it. But… what other option do I have? I wouldn’t mind saving a few hundred dollars and put that money elsewhere, but I don’t want to have a hard time dealing with another type of kit.

I definitely want to get an an electret ion radon test kit. any advice? and go!

Radstar Electronic Continuous Radon Monitor (RS300) CRM w/USB Cable …? thoughts?

Rent the RS800…that way, you can hold onto some cash. Cash is king in all aspects of business. Save yours, use theirs.

When you do 25-30 tests, buy your first RS300…keep the same method and before you know it, you will have multiple units. I have 14, doing it just that way. I still rent an RS800. For the temperature and humidity aspects and use it when i think someone is going to tamper with an environment.

Radalink Radon Monitors
They lease their product. The Aircat. It’s a nice unit. They third party certify all results and send them to you in a locked .PDF. The downfall is it only does five continuous days, so if you need to do. Long term you would need a different unit. I primarily do real estate deals so I am only running a 48 hour test per the EPA guidelines for a short term test. Best wishes to you.

I do not use CRM’s. With that being said, even if I did… I would never, EVER leave a CRM in a home for a long term test!! First off it would most likely disappear. Secondly, you lose the revenue potential of that unit for 3 months to a year!!! That’s just NUCKING FUTS!!!

To the OP… it may be just my opinion, but, I am really getting pizzed off by you “smart asses” who think it’s funny by treating other professionals like fruckin’ animals who are at your ‘beck and call’!! Insult us again and there will be hell to pay!!

I would love to own and use the E-perm kits but can’t in Florida

Sold at Lowes, porch? :wink:
Can’t go wrong! Just look at how happy that family is. :smiley: