Looking for purchasing complete E-perm/kit

Looking to purchase a complete E-perm Radon kit from company or personal…also looking to finance the system if possible…pls give me a much info as possible…best place to purchase, financing, etc.,
thanks Ed:)

Um… why?

CRM’s are cheaper, easier to use, and harder to tamper with…

One member to another, I’d suggest shopping around some more…

I am new to the Radon testing thing, just passed my test
and I am starting a new ancilliary service…need help
Why do you prefer the CRM system and how much are they
tks Ed:cool:

CRM is a generic reference to “Continuous Radon Montitor”. They are electronic, and there are multiple sources. Since you are just starting out, I would suggest you contact Radalink and rent machines from them. They will give you the instructions you need. Once you are comfortable with doing the inspections, then you could look into purchasing your own machines and doing your own analysis (at least that’s what I did.) When I purchased my first Sun Nuclear monitor it paid for itself in 3 months worth of savings from Radalink. You can get an adequate monitor from Sun for about $600.00 (maybe less.) The E-Perms are not continuous and are more easily tampered with (although they are very reputable themselves.)

BTW, go to the control panel and fill out the rest of your personal info. More people would be willing to help you if they knew where you were located.

Thanks Mark for the info…will do soonest…
pls keep me informed if you find anything out from our Peeps
tks in advance ED:)