Radon test kit is "long-term"


Last year in August 2012 I bought Pro-Lab’s long-term radon detector (2111778) for the purpose of testing the radon level in my house for a whole year as is recommended on the package. Today after a year, I see there is an expiry date at 1/31/2013, so it was only good for a 5 month test period and at $35.00 plus $15.00 for having the test results, this product can not claim being a “long-term radon gas detector”.
Your opinions please.

Return it to where you bought it and get one with a year out expiration date. You can also call Pro lab for their opinion.

Problem is, the consumer is “out” a year of testing!

Personally, I would make a copy of the paperwork, and send the kit in… see what you get for a reply/results. I inquired about this scenario with another Lab, and they informed me that they will still send the results, but the report will say “Expired” on it. As this isn’t for a RE Transaction, it should still suffice, BUT, when in doubt… call ProLab for their response, and be sure to come back here and let us know what happened!!!


Yes I did contact Pro-Lab twice and insisted they send me a fresh radon detector, and twice the reply was the same from Luke McCann, B.S, PRO-LAB Customer Service Supervisor : “If the kit is deployed before the expiration date then the sample is still a good sample”. If the expiry date is not visible from the outside of the package, this product cannot be called a “long-term radon test”.


It sounds like Pro Lab is telling you the sample is fine as long as the unit is DEPLOYED before the expiration date. If you waited until after the expiration date to deploy the unit then the sample would be no good.

Thanks for the follow-up.

I disagree with their comments, but perhaps that is one of many reasons why I refuse to do business with them.

Curious… did the packaging for the kit you used have the NACHI Logo on it?