Radon Test Question

I don’t do radon test but was asked what happens if the tester get unplugged during the test. There young son unplugged it and they noticed it and plugged it back in.


Do you know what model it was?

Most have battery back-up capabilities.

I don’t. My wife got a text from one of her friends asking the question. I told them that most have battery back-ups. Hopefully it won’t be an issue.

Thanks for you help.

My detector saves the information and when it plugs back in it continues monitoring. and it does not show any numeric readout until the 48 hour minimum time (plugged in) has past.

Mine (Radstar 300) keep on testing uninterrupted on the battery power. The report will show when the power was disconnected.

I don’t know about all of them, but like others have said, I believe many of today’s units have battery backup. Maybe text them back and ask for the model #?

That’s awful. What are you using?

Sun Nuclear 1028 has a battery backup that allows the test to continue in the event of loss of power.