2-Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitors - $750 each or both for $1,400

I have two Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitors, charging cords, PC cables which connect via any USB port and high quality Nikon Camera bags to help protect your investment (which is why they are still in excellent condition). Easily connect to any standard tripod. Can ship USPS insured to anywhere in the lower 48 states. They do need calibration annually at Sun Nuclear which cost about $129 each.

Each unit with camera bag are valued at over $1,000 each - asking $750 each or both for $1,400.

I had 5 of these units which I used at nearly every inspection while doing business in Colorado. I’ve sold 3 of them already and have decided to sell the last 2 since I rarely ever use them since moving to Arizona.

These radon monitors require a standard 9V battery. It can be operated on an alkaline battery alone for up to 100 hours or use an AC adaptor and use the battery as a backup power source. A lithium-ion battery will provide about 300 hours of operation.

A 16-character display shows instructions and radon readings. By pushing the buttons below the display, the user can enter data, set parameters, and print reports on an optional portable printer. The radon monitor connects to a computer via a USB or serial cable. Windows software (copy and paste the link below) can be used to download measurements, set parameters, and print reports on a printer connected to your computer.

The Continuous radon monitor has been EPA verified and radon proficiency programs approved.

Also can be viewed on Craigslist at: https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/phoenix-sun-nuclear-1028-continuous/7204606467.html

If you’re interested:
Name: Russ Ackerman
Email: russ.ackerman1@gmail.com
Phone: 480-221-8651