Radon testing and mitigation by same vendor

In MN, a licensed radon testing professional can also be a licensed mitigation system installer. Test for high radon, then profit from fixing it. Appears to conflict with NACHI Code of Ethics. Does the COE apply to ancillary services and radon?

The nature of testing, its regulation, and documentation makes the results objective, not subjective. Radon is either high or not. There is a Quality Assurance Plan in place that governs procedures and much more. There is absolutely no ethical reason that a testing professional cannot perform mitigation.The MN Dept of Health allows it as good practice because of the level or regulation and auditing.

How does the Code of Ethics look at this fact as it applies to licensed testing and mitigation professionals in MN? Does it allow State regulations to superceed the COE?

I always acted like it did.


The 12 month rule does not apply to Radon and mitigation.

*The InterNACHI® member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs or associated services to the structure for which the member or member’s company has prepared a home inspection report for a period of 12 months. *This provision shall not include services to components and/or systems that are not included in the InterNACHI® Standards of Practice.

State rules supercede, but if there is no rule then the NACHI code is in place.

The InterNACHI® member shall comply with all government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where the member conducts business


No different than termite contractors doing inspections and then offering a quote for treatment if bugs are found. It is all about what the state law allows.


Would be nice to see it where a 3rd party is required to do the post mitigation test.


It would be much better if anyone performed a post mitigation test, home owner or otherwise. From my random, un-scientific observations, the majority of the times that test is not performed.

In response to that fact, I’m offering a service to organize the mitigation using licensed mitigation contractors - an electrician, etc. That way I can control that the post mitigation test happens. Most homes here are second homes, so I provide access for the winning contractor, review the work on compltion, and then perform the follow up test. I get the follow up test plus an additioal fee for my services. This dives in to that murky contractor - sub contractor - client relationship… I do have positive response so the reality is present.

My initial post was an indirect query to this income source. This group can get judgemental at times.

You asked a specific question and were provided 4 opinions/information. Why are you being defensive? Who is judging you?

Hopefully you weren’t referring to me as being judgmental. That was not my intention at all. I was stating that I think the post-mitigation test should be done by a third party. That would mean not the homeowner and not the mitigation company, but me, the independent radon measurement professional (or you in your area, lol). :grin:


If the mitigation company is not performing (or having someone perform for them) a post-mitigation test, than I believe they are in violation of MN Rules for Radon Mitigation Professionals.



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That’s interesting. No requirement in illinois. But, if / win a post mitigation test is performed it must be done by someone Other than the mitigation company that installed the system.


I didn’t read the whole document, but I did find this under the mitigation standards for Illinois. It is hard to determine though if it is absolutely required, or just recommended.


I’m not sure what that means exactly “evaluate the system using approved device”.

I do know that during a real estate transaction it is recommended to have the retest done by a third party.

B) Radon Mitigation licensees shall inform the client in writing that post-mitigation testing should be conducted no sooner than 24 hours nor later than 30 days following completion and activation of the mitigation system and that the test may be conducted by an ndependent Radon Measurement licensee or by the resident of the dwelling.


More from IEMA:
the monitors were being used for diagnostic testing, costs should be calculated into the installation price because the only purpose for diagnostic testing is to assist in system design and installation.
monitors were being used for diagnostic testing, costs should be calculated into the installation price because the only purpose for diagnostic testing is to assist in system design and installation. Mitigation contractors may perform post-installation tests prior to releasing their work for post-mitigation testing. However, post-installation tests are not conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements and are for the mitigation contractor’s use only.


Can the same person test and mitigate a home?

A. Only if that person is the resident. If the person provides measurement or mitigation services, the answer is “No.” 32 Illinois Administrative Code 422 prohibits licensed measurement and mitigation at the same address by the same practitioner.



That’s what I was thinking, too, Christopher.

Judgemental; looking to avoid quick opinions abouts the testing person also profiting from the repair. Not allowed as a HI, but radon services are somewhat different. Noone posting here was judgemental IMO.

In MN the mitigation company can actually perform the post mitigation test. There is no third party requirement in MN.

I’ve come to recognize that few systems get a follow up test. The person in charge of the whole project, often the homeowner, doesn’t always perform that follow up test. I’ve been looking for a way to assure post mitigation testing gets done on more systems.

The electrical is another item that doesn’t always get installed to MN Dept of Health standards (plug disconnect on exterior fan installation, for one. Often GFCI protected too.)

That’s just sad, eh?

But all of this conversation is about what? Setting up a concierge service to push the mitigation and follow-up testing?

This is what I tell my clients. If you choose to have your home mitigated, call me after install so I can do the follow-up test and all subsequent recommended tests.