Radon Testing Protocol

I am just getting my home inspection business going. I live in a rural area so will be traveling up to 2 hours to do home inspections. Instead of buying a radon testing unit I was going to use the mail in filters. Is it acceptable to have the real estate agent or homeowner mail in the results? Can somebody give me some advice? Thank you.

NRPP-New Jersey
Only by Measurement Specialist/Technician.

If they can, maybe have them put the hardware store ones out themselves and you pick them up and mail them to the lab. YMMV

I took the certification courses for Radon, but decided not to offer it. First, you have to go back next day to pick up your machine. The going rate here for testing is $150.00 . I did not think that was cost effective to travel back out, and I feel a long term test is better.
If the client asks me about testing, I suggest they pick up the long term test kit at Home Depot/Walmarts/etc. IMO the long term test is a better barometer of Radon levels.