Radon Test kits

I need to do a radon test on short notice and I don’t have a continuous monitor, so I was going to use either the Pro Lab test from Home Depot or First Alert radon test from Lowes. Has anyone ever used the First Alert? which one would you recommend between the two.

any insight would be greatly appreciated.


You need two test kits to do a radon inspection, not just one.

Does your state require a license for this type of work?

That’s the first question you need to answer.

And the test needs to be at least 20" off the ground, 3’ from exterior wall opening (door, window), 12" from exterior wall, 4" from any object, in the lowest livable level (no crawl space), house needs to be closed for at least 12 hours before the test, doors and windows need to remain shut during the test, if it rains then…

Or maybe he should get the proper training and license.

Yes, correct i will need 2 kits for a radon test.
There is not a special license required in my state.

Chris, I’m IAC2 certified and I’m aware of all the requirements for placing the test and have done radon test before just was wondering if anyone had any opinions on either of the test kits that I need to purchase on a short notice.

Most kits you purchase off the shelf requires you to send in a testing fee along with the kit. That is purchase of the kit, the fee for testing, and shipping costs. You need to use two for a RE transaction, and placed as others here have mentioned. Having some Air-chek kits for back-up is wise. I use them exclusively.

I have bought them from the county when I couldn’t wait for them from Air-chek.

air chek will ship as fast as you want.

Ok I will check the county thanks I have them on order from air check but they won’t be here till mid week.