So just wondering does anyone do Radon testing, it would appear from what I have read that Radon is not really an issue in Florida and state levels seem low. Do customers ever request to have that service done? And on the topic of up-sell services does anyone offer Mold testing? or any other type of services of that nature?

Sarasota Home Inspector

Some areas around you are very high

We have done a few this year, list posted here:
this is a normal spread of homes and condos
I’m generally the only one in our office that does them, last couple of years.

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I can help with the mold assessor. A buddy and all around good young man out of Venice. Give me a shout some time and I’ll introduce you two.
c: 321-508-4329
o: 941-451-7356

In the Sarasota county area? What are you referring to here, mold or radon? If radon, I’d love to see some confirmed cases for future reference, since I was always told the same… it’s not usually a concern due to our sandy soils and closeness to sea level. (?)


You usually don’t find elevated radon levels if you don’t test. Sarasota probably does have more sand and is lower than Collier and Lee Counties. Condos are about 1 out of 2 here for elevated radon. Single family Houses are about 1 out of 25. We have tested some in Venice area and it doesn’t seem to any different there. We don’t bother with radon up there much any more but we do a few mold inspections each month is Sarasota / Venice area.

Some results for
Lee & Collier
http://radonandmoldprofessionals.com/naples_radon_zipcodes_estero_tests.html (2012)
http://radonandmoldprofessionals.com/radon_test_zipcodes_naples_estero.html (2013)

I do. Located in Brevard County but I will travel if the price is right.