Was over at Lowes earlier today and ran into a contractor. They were building 2 new homes in the area and I asked him if they had done a Radon test before they started to build and what were the results. He stated they don’t do Radon testing and that since there are no mines in this area it is not a problem. I told him I was not aware that it was only a danger in mining areas and he immediately cam back and said “oh yeah since there are no mines and never have been any in Northwest GA Radon levels if any would be extremely low”. I was surprised to hear that so did some google searching when I got home and cannot find any truth to that at all. Anyone ever heard of that? I found a map on a government site that shows this areas is in a Zone 3 -
**Zone 3 **counties have a predicted average indoor radon screening level less than 2 pCi/L **(yellow zones)**Low Potential

Why and how would they test prior to construction?

Do you know how to test for radon? Do you currently do testing?

Nice - a question with a question… I don’t care why and how they would do a test prior to construction… my question was about Radon only near areas with mines…

I think taking the Nachi online radon course would answer any questions about radon that you may have.

I asked the questions since you are the one that started the thread. You seem to think that the builder should have done testing prior to starting construction. I asked you why they would test and how they would do the test. I still think those are legitimate questions to ask you.

If you don’t know the answers then just state that. If you don’t know the answers then maybe you should take the NACHI Radon course or some other course to learn about the subject.

There is no causation between mining operations underneath homes and the radon levels of those homes.

There is an indirect correlation between uranium mining and radon because uranium mining was done where there is uranium. In that rare example, the mining and radon in the homes above the mining are an example of a correlation, not a causation.

There is a correlation between people who buy yachts and navigable bodies of water (they are often found near each other), but the people who buy yachts aren’t the causation of the water.


Thank you Jeff for the link - very informative !!!

Thanks Nick…


It is much easier and far less costly to prepare the sub-grade to improve the soil gas flow before the slab is cast. Also, the pipe for the radon-resistant system itself can be run more easily through the house before it is finished. This significantly improves aesthetics and can reduce subsequent system operating costs by planning to route the pipe through warm space to maximize passive operation of the system.

What is generally completed with new construction here.